Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pemancar TV mini 1 km.

Use it to rebroadcast video signals

throughout your house.

BY asepwungkul

One of the most useful gadgets a video
enthusiast can have is a low-power TV
Transmitter. Such a device can transmit a
signal from a VCR to any TV in a home or
backyard. Imagine the convenience of
being able to sit by the pool watching your
favorite movie on a portable with a tape or
laserdisc playing indoors. You could even
retransmit cable TV for your own private
viewing. Videotapes can be dubbed from

one VCR to another without a cable
connecting the two machines together.
When connected to a video camera, a TV
transmitter can be used in surveillance for
monitoring a particular location.

The main problem a video enthusiast
has in obtaining a TV transmitter is that a
commercial units are expensive. However,
we have some good news! You can build
the TV Transmitter described here for less

The range of channels is wide
enough so that the unit will not
interfere with other TV viewers
who are nearby. To comply
with FCC rules, it is mandatory
the nearby TV viewers are not
disturbed by the transmission. If
your activities interfere with the
reception from a licensed
station, regardless of the reason,
you must shut down your unit.

TV Transmitter

The publisher makes no representations
as to the legality of constructing and/or
using the TV Transmitter that is
referenced in this article. The
construction and/or use of the
transmitter described in this article may
violate federal and or state law. Readers
are advised to obtain independent
advice as to the propriety of its
construction and the use thereof based
upon their individual circumstances and

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